Understanding a Heartland Mill Lot Number

For example: 02180U9A0

The first five digits of any HMI lot number are the date on which the product was produced. The above lot number belongs to a product made or packed on February (02) 18 (18), 2010 (0). The next two digits (U9) are the Product ID, in this case unbleached, unenriched all purpose flour (see ID code guide below). The final two digits identify the blend of wheats from which this flour was milled, in this case, the first (A) blend of 2010 (0). Bakers Patent and All Purpose flours (both enriched and unenriched) are made from blends identified by letter-number combinations. Our higher protein blend, used for High Gluten (Strong Bread Flour), Whole Wheat Flour, and Golden Buffalo Flour is assigned a four digit number, the last four digits of the lot number. A lot number ending in 1002 would be the 2nd high-gluten/whole-wheat blend in the 2010. 1012 would be the 12th blend of 2010.

Product ID Codes

U9 Unbleached, unenriched all-purpose flour (UBUE), 50 pound bag.

UE UBUE, 25 pound bag

U1 Unbleached, malted all-purpose flour (UBAP), 50 pound bag

U2 UBAP, 25 pound bag

P1 Bakers' Patent Flour (BP), 50 pound bag

P2 BP, 25 pound bag

UH High gluten, strong bread flour (HG), 50 pound bag

UI HG, 25 pound bag

W1 Whole wheat flour (WW), 50 pound bag

W2 WW, 25 pound bag

G1 Golden Buffalo sifted wheat flour (GB), 50 pound bag

G2 GB, 25 pound bag

Heartland's smaller retail consumer bags have different product ID codes not listed here.