Heartland’s long-flow roller mill

In December of 2003 Heartland Mill began milling on a newly constructed, long-flow roller mill, located adjacent to the stone mills we have long used for producing our whole-grain flours and meals. This new on-site facility allows us the same control over our white flour products that we have long exercised with our stone-ground flours.
We designed the mill for less aggressive milling, resulting in less starch damage and better-performing flour
This is due in part to the design of the rollers themselves and the speed at which they rotate, and is in part a result of our capability to temper wheat 50% longer than is typical for US flour mills.

It may take a little longer for the wheat to become flour – but we believe the better baking quality is worth the extra time.  We have achieved a lower level of starch damage and an improved performance profile for our flour.