Mission and Vision

HEARTLAND MILL, INC. The farmer owned company...
develops ethical partnerships with organic farmers to provide quality grains, commodities and foods, processed and marketed with integrity by dedicated personnel. The company will pursue sustainable growth to benefit the Earth and the health of all people and communities.

Why Heartland Mill?

We believe that a business must have a soul. And we do. Each person who works for our company has direct connections and ties to the community as well as direct ties to the soil and organics. We feel that organics is an extension of ourselves because it's an extension of our farms, our farm community and ultimately, our soil.

When you buy a Heartland Mill product, you are directly supporting organic farms across the high plains. The money is paid to growers in small farm communities who farm organically. You are supporting a company who is supported by people who care for the future of the Earth, the health of all people and communities.

We are confident that Heartland Mill offers one of the strongest organic grain and grain products programs in the industry. The proofs is in Heartland's products and our customer's products. We will enjoy welcoming you into a network of people all over the world who are now buying Heartland products, grown and developed from the soil up... to the health conscious consumer.