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Flour and Meals for the Baker

Unbleached, roller-milled flours

All Purpose Flour

UBUE (unbleached, unenriched)

UBAP (unbleached, unenriched, malted “All Purpose”)

Heartland Mill’s two “UB” flours are very much alike, being milled from the same wheat blends. The protein level of each is about 11%. UBUE contains nothing but roller-milled, refined wheat flour. UBAP is this same flour with the addition of malted (sprouted and dried) barley flour to adjust the alpha-amylase level to enhance fermentation, flavor, and crust coloration. For chemically leavened products or breads containing relatively high amounts of added sweeteners, or if you add your own diastatic malt at the mixer, the UBUE will perform well. Many yeast-risen breads, sourdoughs, and pain au levains will be improved by the use of our malted UBAP. Most lean, artisan-style doughs require malted flour for peak performance.

In addition to performing well as bread flours, both UBUE and UBAP work well for yeast-risen pastries and sweet doughs, as well in non-fermented bakery goods such as cookies, quick breads, and desserts.

Strong Bread Flour

Heartland Strong Bread flour is approximately 12.5% protein and is ideal when your dough needs extra strength. We recommend it in combination with rye flour and in multi-grain loaves. Any bread that undergoes extremely long fermentation (like San Francisco Sourdough) will benefit by the use of HMI Strong Bread Flour. Heartland Strong Bread Flour also works well for most sandwich-style pan breads. This flour is neither enriched nor malted. While many flours in this protein range are milled from northern hard spring wheat, Heartland’s is predominately hard winter wheat grown by farmers in our region of the High Plains of western Kansas.

Baker’s Patent

Patent flour is a slightly more refined product than our UBUE. Like UBUE and UBAP, our Baker’s Patent flour is milled from hard red winter wheat, but, due to the different milling techniques employed, it is slightly lower in protein and ash than either UBUE or UBAP. It is ideal for finer loaf breads, yeast-risen pastries, and laminated dough.

Stone-Ground Wheat Flours

Whole Wheat Flour (Hard Red Winter Wheat)

We mill Heartland Whole Wheat Flour on natural stone mills from a blend of our strongest hard red wheats. Like any true whole wheat flour, nothing is added nor removed – nothing here except what’s naturally in the wheat – and all of that! Our mills run virtually every day, so you can be assured of a fresh product.

Whole White Wheat Flour

Like our “regular” Whole Wheat flour, Heartland’s stone ground Whole White Wheat flour contains the entire wheat kernel and must meet the same high quality and performance standards. Whole White Wheat flour has a somewhat sweeter flavor and a lighter-colored bran layer than hard red wheat flour.

Golden Buffalo

This is milled from the same blend of high protein wheat as is our whole wheat flour. Our millers grind it with specially dressed stones, and then run it over a fine mesh sieve, separating the coarsest flakes of bran, leaving the germ and the finer bran in the flour. Golden Buffalo is rich in flavor and nutrition, but yields a lighter colored, sweeter loaf than does whole wheat. To a world that sees everything in terms of brown and white, we offer a beige alternative. Bakers combine Golden Buffalo with our roller-milled white flour to produce loaves like those of French villages of centuries past.

Whole Wheat Pastry Flour

Our Whole Wheat Pastry flour is stone-ground from low protein winter wheat and contains all the germ and bran of the grain. Its coarser texture and rich, wheat-y flavor will enhance many healthful baked products where high gluten content is not required. Bakers use it for cookies, crackers, muffins, scones, and quick breads.

Heritage Wheat Flours

We mill heirloom "Turkey" variety hard red winter wheat into three flours. This is the wheat first brought to Kansas by Mennonite immigrants in the early 1870s. We offer only "single source" heirloom wheat.  This not a blend of wheat from different growers and different varieties, but wheat from a single field on a single farm.  The protein percentage and other qualities may vary from lot to lot as is normal for any natural product.  Each lot will exhibit the unique qualities imbued by the soil and the season's weather, the "terroir" of the grain. 

Stone Ground Whole Wheat Flour

100% whole grain flour milled on our natural stone mills. 

Bolted Turkey Wheat Flour

Milled from the same heirloom wheat as the whole wheat flour on the same stone mills. Sifted to remove the coarsest bran particles. Essentially, this is the same as our "Golden Buffalo," but milled from heirloom Turkey wheat.

Type 65 Turkey Flour

"Type 65" refers to the ash level of the flour, based on the French system of classifying flours. This is a roller milled flour, only slightly less refined than our All Purpose flour.  Unmalted, this flour contains only heirloom Turkey wheat. 


Stone Ground Rye Flours

Whole Rye Flour (“Rye Graham Flour”)

Our Whole Rye flour is stone ground and contains the entire rye berry. This full-flavored flour is ideal for dark rye breads and for the production of natural rye starters and sours. While this is not the same as conventional “Dark Rye,” it can often be substituted for dark rye flour in rye bread formulas and will yield superior results.

Light Rye Flour

We mill our Light Rye flour from the same high quality grain as we do our Whole Rye flour. As with Golden Buffalo wheat flour, we remove only the coarsest bran to create a flour with finer texture and lighter flavor and color. We recommend this as the primary rye flour in lighter rye breads. While Heartland’s Light Rye is lighter than our Whole Rye, it is best used to replace conventional “medium rye flour.”

Other Flours and Meals

Durum Wheat Flours: Semolina and Durum Patent Flour

We offer two certified organic durum wheat products, Semolina and Durum Patent. Both are milled from the same northern-grown durum wheat. Semolina is coarser and is typically used in the manufacture of Italian-style pasta. Durum Patent flour is slightly more refined (lower ash level) and of a finer texture. Both can be used in making semolina breads, depending upon the formula and the baker’s preference.

Whole Spelt Flour

We mill Heartland 100% Whole Spelt flour on our own specially dressed stones from grain with the best baking quality. Due to genetic differences between spelt and most “modern” wheat varieties, spelt has less strength, less mixing tolerance, and a lower absorption level than either Hard Red Whole Wheat flour or Hard White Whole Wheat flour. The baker must make accommodations for these differences in formulas and processes.

Yellow Cornmeal

Our Yellow Cornmeal is stone-milled from selected food-grade varieties. Its flavor is decidedly sweet and its color distinctly yellow. It is ideal for making cornbread and muffins and for use in combination with wheat and rye flours in yeast and levain risen breads. Artisan bakers choose it to dust peels and proofing boards to keep loaves from sticking.

Blue Cornmeal

Heartland’s Blue Cornmeal is milled from an open-pollinated blue flour corn selected from traditional Southwest native varieties. Because of its unique starch characteristics, baked products made with our blue cornmeal come out especially light and tender.

Oat, Millet and Barley Flour

At Heartland, we hull our oat groats and millet shortly before milling into flour to preserve flavor and nutrition. Oat flour, used in combination with wheat flour, lends moistness to bread, thus helping bread remain fresh longer. Millet lends its unique crunchiness to breads. Barley flour gives breads a rich “cakey-ness.”

Rolled Oats, Steel Cut Oats, and Whole Oat Groats

Bakers find Heartland oat products a healthful addition to many bakery items, from cookies and muffins to multi-grain breads. We produce rolled oats in three thicknesses: old-fashioned, regular, and quick. Our whole oat groats are hulled oat kernels that have been heat stabilized, and our steel-cut oats are these same groats cut into smaller pieces.

All Heartland certified organic grains are available whole as well as milled.