Mission and Vision

We are a farmer-owned company that develops ethical partnerships with organic farmers to provide quality grains, commodities and foods, processed and marketed with integrity by dedicated personnel. The company will pursue sustainable growth to benefit the Earth and the health of all people and communities.

Our Wheat Varieties

Our wheat varieties are selected and bred to produce good crops under the unpredictable and sometimes harsh conditions of the Bread Basket. These same wheats must also mill into good flour and bake into good bread of diverse sorts, from sandwich loaves to ciabatta, from 100% whole wheat to creamy-white baguettes. There are wheat varieties that do well in the field, but not so well in the bakery, and vice versa. We look for wheat that performs well in both field and oven.

Our Story

Heartland Mill, Inc. is grower-owned business located in Marienthal, Wichita County, Kansas.

Our owners and other suppliers grow a diversity of certified organic crops, but Hard Red Winter Wheat is our and their mainstay.  The rich soil and the climate of the High Plains contribute to the production of some of the world’s very best wheat for making bread.

Here in western Kansas, fields of grain stretch to the horizon.  Spring storms blow across the plains, bring vital moisture. Our growers rely on generations of experience and the latest improvements in organic agriculture and technology to grow their crops.  The goal is to maximize both quality and yield. We have long been developing relationships with farmers who grow grain to the exacting standards of our customers and our third-party certifying body. These men and women are the foundation of our quality. Their knowledge, experience, and hard work are evident in every bag of Heartland flour and in the outstanding baked goods of our customers.

We grow and buy certified organic wheat because we believe that organic farming will help to preserve the quality of our soils and water and to maintain the health of our rural communities. We produce and sell certified organic flour because we believe that our ultimate customer, the bread eater, expects and deserves the safest and most healthful food possible, as well as an opportunity to choose an agriculture that fosters human and natural communities.

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